At Filament Innovations, we strive to fill our customers FDM and FGF 3D Printing needs. All of the 3D Printers that are built here, are built by a dedicated team of fabricators and technicians. For us, the goal is simple, make the best 3D Printers we can using as many USA parts as possible. Our goal is to keep our printers affordable while giving our customers that special, family-owned business experience.


Looking back to the year 2015 with only $10,000 of personal money to start a business with, who could guess where we would be now. Filament Innovations started in 2015 in a small bedroom in Bethlehem, PA where the owner, Mike, would tinker with 3D Printer kits. Fast forward to 2021 and the business has grown exponentially and currently operates in a brand new 5,500 square foot shop that was completed in 2020. We are 100% family owned, with no outside investors, this means that we go the extra mile for our customers. Over the years, Filament Innovations has made a name for itself in the FDM and FGF industry as we build custom and large-scale printers for numerous industries from small businesses to large government entities. We have the experience and knowledge to build you a great 3D Printer, while keeping the family-owned business mindset.




With a passion for entrepreneurship and working on cars, Mike changed his first pair of brakes at four years old (supervised, of course). Over the years, accompanied by Steve, Mike went on to build and modify cars and motorcycles for numerous years as a pretty serious "hobby". Mike has a degree from Smeal College of Business at PSU in Accounting, and went on to earn his MBA and PhD before starting Filament Innovations.


Steve has always been the best mechanic and "wrencher" that Mike has ever met. If it has an engine and wheels (or no wheels at all), Steve can tear it down and rebuild it from scratch. As Filament Innovations grew, Mike reached out to his best friend of 20 years to come in and manage the production of Filament Innovations printers. Steve tells the guys everyday, "If it doesn't look like a Rolls Royce, we won't ship it".  


RILEY BEENDERS, Electrical Engineer

Riley loves working on cars and tearing anything apart that is electrical and automotive related. With a CAD skillset and design experience that continues to impress us everyday (and those who are two to three times his age), Riley has been a key member of the Filament Innovations team since 2018 and is currently finishing his degree at PSU.


Loki, our beloved shop dog and Director of Security, he warms the hearts of everyone he meets. Remember going to get your car worked on and the mechanic would have a relaxed dog in the shop that would greet people? That is what Loki does. He loves to be in the shop with the guys and keep everyone on their toes. His tail always wags and he nicely greets everyone who comes to visit our shop.