CPX is a unique, high-impact co-polymer Polypropylene filament developed by Filament Innovations. This material was developed throughout the year of 2021 and designed with the prosthetics industry in mind. Please note, this filament is only made by Filament Innovations on our own extrusion line. This unique polymer has never been put into filament form before and we are proud to be producing it in house, on our own extrusion line. All testing and calibration of this material has only been on on our ICARUS units using the high-flow Typhoon extrusion system from Dyze Design. We cannot guarantee success in printing when not using a Typhoon extrusion system.  


CPX is spooled onto our 2.3kg spools, at a net weight of 1.7kg of material. 1.7kgs of CPX is equivalent to about 2.3kgs of PETG. 


To be successful with this filament, you must have the following two things on your 3D Printer. Please do not substitue other products for what we have mentioned below - 





    • Hotend Temperature (C): 290-310C
    • Bed Temperature (C): 40C
    • Print Speed (mm/s): 0-20
    • Retraction Speed (mm/s): 35
    • Retraction Length (mm): 1mm
    • Bed Surface Prep: Glass or G10/FR4
    • Bed Glue (required): BuildTak PP Adhesive