Please note that, as of the first week of November 2021, this generation of the POSEIDON is being phased out for the second generation, which is being launched the end of November. 


The BFP-POSEIDON is the cumulation of years of work, dedication, and a commitment to quality - we could not be happier at Filament Innovations to bring such a machine to market. This is a large-scale machine that was purposefully designed to be customized directly to the end user's needs. If you need only one high-flow Typhoon filament system, then no problem, we have that. Need dual extrusion? Yes, we have that too. Need a Pulsar pellet system (Summer 2021) and a Typhoon filament system? Or just one? Yes, we can do that as well. The BFP-POSEIDON was designed to suit a variety of needs. If you need the largest build area possible, then we suggest the single high-flow filament extrusion opton. If you would rather go pellet extrusion with the Pulsar (Summer 2021) and save money on filament costs, then we suggest the single pellet extrusion option. 




Here are some general details that all the POSEIDON units share. You will find specific machine details on the right of your screen.  Since we designed and manufacture all of our machines in house we can customize a FDM 3D Printing solution for you! Plase contact us today if you need a custom solution for your FDM 3D Printing needs. 


  • Machine Size (W,D,H): 70"x52"x72" with 3.2mm Aluminum Panels & Acrylic Windows
  • Weight: ~1200lbs
  • Motors: Closed-Loop Stepper Servo for X&Y, Z Axis is Four 10:1 Geared NEMA23s
  • Extrusion: Dyze Design System with Hardended Nozzles
  • Motion: HiWin Linear Rails and C7 Precision Ballscrews
  • Optional Print Surface: Magnetic and Removable PEI Flex Plate
  • Print Plate: 10mm MIC-6 with "Nano" Coated Glass Plate
  • Max Nozzle Temp: 450C
  • Temperature Probe(s): PT100
  • Filament Runout Sensor: Dyze Sentinel
  • Bed Leveling: Four Motor Independent Tilt and Mesh Bed Leveling
  • Electronics: Duet Wifi Ecosystem with Wyze Cameras
  • Power: 220VAC (amperage varies with machine)
  • Slicer: Prusa Slicer or Simplify3D
  • Filament Type: PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, TPU, TPC, ASA, PVA, HIPS, BVOH, PC, PET, Carbon Fiber Reinforced, Fiber Reinforced, Wood Reinforced, etc.


Please note - all machines are built to order with a four to six week lead time. Need it sooner? Please contact us to see how we can accomodate you. Shipping is handled via FedEx freight and the prices above do not include LTL Freight shipping. If you would like a shipping quote, or need liftgate service, then please contact us


    • Extrusion System: Dyze Design PRO Series
    • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
    • Build Area (W,D,H - mm): 990x990x915
    • Nozzle Options (mm): 1.20, 0.9, 0.6, 0.4
    • Real Printed Accuracy: ~50 microns
    • Water Cooling: Optional
    • Breaker Requirement: 20amps on 220VAC

    110VAC units of this printer are available at no additonal cost. Please contact us if you would prefer 110VAC.