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It has been a wild ride...

Filament Innovations was started with $10,000 and a dream in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 2015. Fast forward and now Filament Innovations is a leader in numerous types of 3D Printers. Our key areas of focus are on FDM and FGF 3D Printers, such as: Pellet, High-Flow Filament, and custom designs. We remain 100% family-owned because we are in business thanks to our customers. When you work with the FI Team, you work with real people who care about your success. Our business model is simple, ensure our products deliver on our customers expectations.



Mike Gorski | Ceo & Founder
Mike Gorski

Core Values


We have a strict rule, never leave any customer behind. The reason we are in business is because of our customers. You will not find better customer service in this industry.


We have to innovate to stay viable in the Additive Manufacturing industry. There are three key areas we focus on: Hardware, Software, & Materials. This allows us to create an easy, but yet advanced, ecosystem for our users.


By combining our core values of Service and Innovation, we feel we can provide a better 3D Printing experience. We feel that experienced users and new users will find that our products exceed their expectations. And if it doesn't, well, we fix it. 

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