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POSEIDON - Hybrid Printer

The POSEIDON Hybrid 3D Printer was designed to give businesses access to one 3D Printer that does it all: high-detail, high-flow, and pellet extrusion 3D Printing. This machine is equipped with a pellet system and a high-flow filament system on one gantry. As soon as a pellet print finishes you can jump right into doing a filament print, with the press of a button. Plus, this machine was designed to be customizable for the user. Perhaps you would rather have dual filament extrusion? Or only a pellet system? The Poseidon can be customized at the time of order to suit your needs.  The Hybrid version includes the entire ecosystem of what you need - this includes a pellet system, high-flow filament system, 25kg pellet dryer, and a Simplify3D slicing system. Please email us for a quote - we assure you, our machines are more affordable than you may think! 


Extrusion System

Choose your extrusion system! Equipped at the $125,000 price point is a pellet and a high-flow filament system on the gantry. Perhaps you just want a system? Maybe a dual extrusion high-flow system? Everything can be customized to suit your needs at the time of order.

Dimensions (Yes, you'll need a forklift to unload it)

Machine Size: (W)92", (D)70", (H)88"

Print Area: (X)1060mm, (Y)1080mm, (Z)1050mm

Weight: ~2,000lbs


American Made Servos

It is time for servo motors to be adopted into 3D Printing, and Filament Innovations has done it. Our X and Y linear motion systems are ran by Teknic, American Made, servos allowing for 500mm/s travel speeds on a reinforced high-speed belt system. Closed-Loop, Leadshine NEMA34s, are used to power the four Z axis enclosed ballscrews.

Electrical Requirements

The POSEIDON is powered by a 220/240VAC, 50amp, Single Phase, electrical system. Everything is then breaker protected for the safety of the user and equipment. This one electrical connection powers everything the machine needs, including the 25kg pellet dryer. You will find a quick disconnect electrical plug and cord located on the outside of the machine. And yes, the cord is included!


On-Board Material Storage

On-board filament storage is included for every machine on a convenient sliding drawer platform. Simply slide the drawer out and you'll have room to place two of our 4.5kg spools. For pellets, these are stored in the external 25kg dryer. Please note that the facility must provide a 100PSI compressed air line for both drying and venturi pellet feeding. 

BOFA Fume Extraction

A genuine BOFA Fume Extraction system is included with every POSEIDON printer. By including this fume extraction system, we ensure that fumes are internally filtered inside the machine and warm air is kept inside. This allows for safer and more efficient 3D Printing. 



Two LCD Screens are included with the system, the 7" PanelDue from Duet3D, and a 15" touchscreen with a more intelligent display. Now you can fully utilize your machine by being able to visualize your height-map, write custom macros on the fly, and better monitor your system. File transfer and connecivity options include USB jump-drive, WiFi, and hardwired Ethernet. 

Magnetic Build Plates

3D Printing will open the doors to new materials being used, and with these new materials will come the need for different build plates. Our relationship with BuildTak will solve many of these issues, but our line-up also includes Powder Coated PEI for more durability. A G10/FR4 plate can also be used in lieu of the magnetic spring steel options. 

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