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Pellet Printer

The ARES Pellet Printer was designed to give every business access to affordable pellet printing. With its impressive build area and Pulsar FGF Pellet System, from Dyze Design, this machine was designed to be compact and accessible, without sacrificing quality. Pellet 3D Printing is new, so we want to make a reliable ecosystem for first time users. Included in the purchase price is the ARES printer (dedicated 110VAC 20amp circuit), 25kg pellet dryer (110VAC dedicated 15amp circuit), and Simplify3D slicing software. All you have to do is supply a 100PSI compressed air line! Please email us​ for a quote - we assure you, our machines are more affordable than you may think!

Ares 3D Printer
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Extrusion System

The Pulsar FGF Pellet Extruder is what the ARES 3D Printer was built around. With a generous output of 3-5lbs per hour, this system will impress even the most advanced users. With tool steel nozzles available in 1.0mm, 1.50mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm; there is a nozzle size for every large print. 

Dimensions (Yes, it fits through a door)

Machine Size: (W)71", (D)34", (H)76"
Print Area: (X)850mm, (Y)450mm, (Z)925mm
Weight: ~650lbs

pellet filament 3d printer logo filament innovations usa 3dprinting 3dprinter custom custom3dprinter ares

X,Y,Z - Closed-Loop Linear Motion

For accuracy and safety, enclosed ballscrews are used on the X,Y, and Z axis of the entire machine. Just like it's younger brother, the ICARUS, you won't find a belt on this machine. All of this, combined with genuine closed-loop motors and external drivers from LeadShine on the X, Y, and Z axis, ensure precise movement. 

Electrical Requirements

The ARES is powered by 110VAC, on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Under the hood, you will find full breaker protection on all major electrical systems. All the breakers are conveniently located on the outside of the machine, on the back. This allows for convenient and safe access to the needed safety systems. Note* The pellet dryer needs it's own dedicated 110VAC 15amp circuit. 


Venturi Automatic Feeding

Don't worry about pellets not feeding correctly through a gravity based system, the ARES comes with the Venturi automatic feeding system from Dyze Design. This system is so efficient that it only requires 100psi with a 30 gallon tank. An air compressor is not included with the system and is the responsibility of the facility.

High-Performance Water Cooling

A genuine S&A CW-3000 Water Cooler is included with every ARES 3D Printer. This unit keeps the motor and feed area of the Pulsar cold, while the heat of the barrel stays right where it needs to be. This closed-loop system has a built in low fluid and blockage alarm, so you will know right away if a problem would arise.   



Two LCD Screens are included with the system, the 7" PanelDue from Duet3D, and a 15" touchscreen with a more intelligent display. Now you can fully utilize your machine by being able to visualize your height-map, write custom macros on the fly, and better monitor your system. File transfer and connecivity options include USB jump-drive, WiFi, and hardwired Ethernet. 

Magnetic Build Plates

Pellet 3D Printing will open the doors to new materials being used, and with these new materials will come the need for different build plates. Our relationship with BuildTak will solve many of these issues, but our line-up also includes Powder Coated PEI for more durability. A Polypropylene solution will be offered early 2023.

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