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Our Partnership

We have partnered with our good friends over in Italy to bring the best LFAM system in the world to the United States. Together we will be pushing the boundaries of planar and non planar additive manufacturing. Contact us today to discuss how the Heron AM robotic arm can satisfy your additive manufacturing needs.

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Heron AM

Leveraging the flexibility of the 6+ axes movements, robotic arms allow Heron AM to manufacture parts with very complex geometries, including non-planar tool paths, and unconventional slicing at different angles such as 45° or 60. Robotics also allows to modularly set up the system with different arm sizes to satisfy specific needs on applications or production area. Furthermore, arms can be extended on the x-axis with a rail or on the y-axis adding a plinth. To provide the best automation solution, Heron AM can be setup with robots from KUKA to FANUC and ABB.

LFAM Printing

Experience the future of manufacturing with Larege Format Additive Manufacturing printing, where imagination meets fabrication on a monumental scale. Embrace the power of additive manufacturing and unlock endless opportunities for creativity, efficiency, and sustainability. Join the LFAM revolution and redefine the way we build the world around us.

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Case Studies | See How Caracol AM is bringing LFAM to life

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