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ICARUS - Gen 5.0

The ICARUS 3D Printer has been built by Filament Innovations since 2016. It is designed with no compromises in mind - from its water-cooled Typhoon High-Flow extrusion system, enclosed ballscrews, and closed-loop motors (just to name a few details), it is designed to perform and be the reliable 3D Printer your company demands. Priced fully equipped and shipped door to door at $31,000, the fifth generation ICARUS is built to perform.

Icarus (2)_edited_edited_edited_edited.p

Extrusion System

The Typhoon High-Flow extrusion system is the heart of the ICARUS. Capable of putting out, nearly, 1kg of filament per hour on a 2.5mm nozzle, this system is the definition of "high-flow". All heatercores are abrasive filament ready as the nozzle is tool steel - available sizes are 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm.

Dimensions (Yes, it fits through a door)

Machine Size: (W)54", (D)34", (H)76"

Print Area: (X)460mm, (Y)380mm, (Z)950mm

Weight: ~400lbs

Icarus (5).jpg
Icarus (1).jpg

Linear Motion

For accuracy and safety, enclosed ballscrews are used on the X,Y, and Z axis of the entire machine. You won't find a belt on this machine. All of this, combined with genuine closed-loop motors and external drivers from LeadShine on the X and Y axis, ensure precise motion movement.

Electrical Requirements

The fifth generation ICARUS is powered by 110VAC, on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. Under the hood, you will find full breaker protection on all major electrical systems. Running the system is all genuine Duet3D products with a 2.4ghz WiFi connection, standard. 

Icarus (2).jpg
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