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Gen 6.0 Printer

The ICARUS 3D Printer has been built by Filament Innovations since 2016. It is designed with no compromises in mind - choose from either a Pellet extrusion system or a high-flow Filament system, precision laser scanner, enclosed ballscrews, and American Made Servo motors (just to name a few details). It is designed to perform and be the reliable 3D Printer your company demands. Please email us for a quote - we assure you, our machines are more affordable than you may think! 

Main Pulsar.jpg

Extrusion System

Choose your extrusion system! Our complete integration of the Dyze Design Pulsar (FGF Pellet system) or the Typhoon (FDM high-flow Filament system) means yours ICARUS can be customized to your needs! If you are interested in pellet, please note that you, the customer, must supply a 100psi compressed air line. 

Laser Scanning Assistance

Over the years of building 3D Printers, we hear it from our customers: "How do I get the perfect first layer?". Well, what if a precise laser would measure your first layer and compensate as needed? That is exactly what Filament Innovations and Ahead Wind have worked on for the newest ICARUS. Every sixth generation ICARUS ships with a laser scanner to measure your first layer and adjust the bed height as needed, to get the perfect first layer. 

Pulsar and Plate.jpg
L Servo.jpg

Linear Motion

For accuracy and safety, enclosed ballscrews are used on the X,Y, and Z axis of the entire machine. You won't find a belt on this machine. All of this, combined with USA Made servo motors from Teknic on all three axis, ensure precise motion movement.

Electrical Requirements

The sixth generation ICARUS is available in either a 220VAC Single Phase 30amp circuit (suggested for the pellet version), or a dedicated 110VAC 15amp circuit (suggested for the filament version). As a pellet dryer is strongly recommended for the pellet version of the machine, the pellet dryer conveniently plugs into the side of the ICARUS, so one 220VAC receptacle can run the entire pellet printing process. 

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