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CPX Pt.2 : A Material Built for the Prosthetics Industry

When we were told, by an outside vendor(s), CPX could not be put into filament form, we were devastated. All that work of pellet printing sockets and having volunteer patients help us trial it out was for nothing. Yet, we would not give up as we found the right material in pellet form and had to get it into filament form, that is why we purchased our own lab grade extrusion line.

Fast forward another six months or so, and our lab grade extrusion line landed. Another two months or so of endless trials and errors, and we discovered the unique method of putting CPX into filament form. There is a special trick we discovered through endless R&D to create CPX. Even though CPX is made of extrusion grade materials, the material refused to extrude into monofilament (aka, 3D Printing filament). While we are not extrusion line experts, we refused to give up. There is no way we would allow this amazing creation to simple go away because a large company said it was not possible. CPX holds a very special place in our hearts because we were told it could not be done, and we proved them wrong. To this day, the extrusion method of putting CPX into filament form is a closely guarded secret by the FI team and our extrusion partner. We can guarantee you this, nobody else has this material.

Interested in seeing how strong CPX is for prosthetic sockets? Please see Bionic Prosthetics & Orthotic's scientific study on it.



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