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Custom made for Filament Innovations, this 110VAC Pellet Dryer is designed to keep your FGF Pellets dried and ready to go for printing! It's small, space saving, design allows this dryer to easily be placed anywhere your Pellet 3D Printer is. This machine is a dessicant dryer to ensure even your most hygroscopic material stays dry. 


Leadtimes: These units are stocked, but please contact us to verify prior to ordering.


Pellet Dryer Specification Sheet


Facility Requirements: The facility needs to supply a 100PSI compressed air line.


Product Overview:

  • Hopper Capacity: 25kg
  • Blower Power: 0.4kw
  • Heater Power: 1kw
  • Voltage: 110VAC with 15amp Breaker Requirement, 60Hz
  • Dew Point: -45 to -60
  • Touchscreen: Siemens
  • Outlet Pipe: 1" OD to work with Dyze Design FGF Pellet Systems
  • 100PSI Compressed Air is required for operation


Price includes door to door delivery via Fedex Freight. 

25kg Pellet Dryer - 110VAC

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