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PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Comonomer) is commonly found in the food industry for food containers and plastic water bottles, prosthetic check socket material, and is a staple in the 3D Printing industry. The specialty resin used in our PETG is sourced from a much smaller company, compared to many other manufacturers, thus clarity and strength is unmatched. This material offers great impact resistance, chemical resistance, and transparency. It is a great filament to print with as it offers the best of both worlds when compared to PLA and ABS. PETG is easy to to print with, just like PLA, and offers similar mechanical properties when compared to ABS. Plus, there is little to no odor emitted when printing with it. More and more 3D Printing users are turning to PETG for their mechanical parts as it offers the best characteristics of PLA and ABS.


Note* This polymer is naturally hygroscopic, meaning it will absorb water if not properly sealed. Please store your PETG in a zip-loc bag or air tight container when not in use.  


Material Information: Datasheets


Shipping is free via FedEx Ground. 


Proudly Made in the USA



Color: Natural/Clear

    • Hotend Temperature (C): 225-250
    • Bed Temperature (C): 75-100
    • Print Speed (mm/s): 0-75
    • Retraction Speed (mm/s): 35-60
    • Retraction Length (mm): 0.50-0.75
    • Bed Surface Prep: PEI Bed, BuildTak, Glue Stick, etc
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