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TefleBloc 75A pellets are a soft material that is great for pellet extrusion 3D Printing. Most 3D Printers struggle to print 98A rated materials, but with pellet extrusion, we do not need to worry about this. We are excited to bring this 75A TPE material to market. Its lower durometer allows for super soft, matte black, prints to be created. This material is non-hygroscopic, so users can start printing immedaitely upon recieving it!


This flexible material is commonly never found in filament form, which makes it a unqiue material for pellet extrusion applications! 


Material Information: Datasheets TBD


Shipping is free via FedEx Ground. 

TPE75A - 20kg


    • Top Barrel (C): 180C
    • Bottom Barrel (C): 220C
    • Nozzle (C): 224C
    • Bed Temperature (C): 80-100C
    • Print Speed (mm/s): <50
    • Bed Surface Prep: PEI Bed, BuildTak, Glue Stick, etc
    • Drying: Not Required
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