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TPO95A is a new flexible material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Group. This is a 95A shore rated material that is lighter than TPU by 23% and is not hygroscopic. We chose to carry this material as it is pefect for both high-detail and high-flow 3D printing. We can achieve great flow-rates with a 2.50mm nozzle and convert over to a 0.6mm nozzle with ease. If you are looking for a "slippery" material that is not hygroscopic, lighter than TPU, and easy to work with, then TPO95A is the material for you. All testing and calibration of this material has only been on on our ICARUS units using the high-flow Typhoon extrusion system from Dyze Design. We cannot guarantee success in printing when not using a Typhoon extrusion system as our settings are calibrated for this extrusion system.  


TPO95A runs 23% lighter than its TPU alternative, therefore this 3.5kg spool is about equivalent to a 4.5kg spool of TPU. 


To be successful with this filament, you should have Buildtak PP Adhesive and follow our printing guidelines, found here: Printing Guidelines


Material Information: TDS


Shipping is free via FedEx Ground. 


Proudly Made in the USA.

TPO95A Flexible


    • Hotend Temperature (C): 225-235C
    • Bed Temperature (C): 50C
    • Print Speed (mm/s): 0-50
    • Retraction Speed (mm/s): 35
    • Retraction Length (mm): 1
    • Bed Surface Prep: BuildTak or PEI
    • Bed Glue (highly suggested): BuildTak PP Adhesive
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